Twitter screen on a phone atop a laptop keyboard.

Which Twitter Avatar Is Right for the Kind of Person You Aspire to Be?

A guide for power users trying to become the next pundit on the app

Miss Type
Luke Winkie
SHANGHAI, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 15: A robot plays chess during 2020 China International Industry Fair at...

Russian Child Taught Valuable Lesson by Violent Chess Robot

You break a rule, robot break a finger

Kelly Conaboy

The Euphoria of Stumbling Upon Weird Spotify Cover Songs

It’s like scrolling through the trenches of Limewire all over again

Danger Zone
Luke Winkie
BRAZIL - 2022/06/06: In this photo illustration, a silhouetted woman holds a smartphone with the Buz...

BuzzFeed’s Interim EIC Leaving To Run Failing Ice Cream Brand

"But in a twist of fate befitting a rom-com, I recently ended up landing my dream job," she wrote in a leaked email

Tarpley Hitt

A Eulogy for the CAPTCHA

Gone but not forgotten

Tarpley Hitt

How to Banish Your Group Chat Ghost

Exorcism 101

miss type
Fran Hoepfner

Miss Type

A column about etiquette in the digital age

Jenny G. Zhang

Enjoy BeReal While It Lasts

The photos are not great, but at least they're not ads.

reality bytes
Nicholas Russell

An Elegy For the iPod

Join me in mourning by solemnly playing "1234" by Feist on your Apple Watch.

rest in pod
Nicholas Russell

Wait but Why Is Tim Urban Back?

Elon Musk is making one of the tech world's most useful idiots relevant again

Stick Figure Philosophy
Aaron Timms

The Many Lives and Deaths of Club Penguin

The fierce loyalty of the Club Penguin community keeps its animated corpse waddling along

Resurrected in Peace
Tamlin Magee

How an Obscure Finnish EDM Artist Hijacked Countless Spotify Playlists

From children’s medleys to funeral mixes, no shared playlist is safe from Pesukone and its labelmates

Sonic Hell
Tamlin Magee

The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Skin Color Emoji

It’ll all be okay 👍

Jenny G. Zhang

Surrender This Entire Town to Mountain Lions, If They Want It So Much

Wipe Woodside, Calif. off the map

Cougar Valley
Jenny G. Zhang

Loser Rips Off Game That Brings Everyone Joy

Wordle doesn’t deserve this

Jenny G. Zhang

Even Walmart Is Worse in the Metaverse

I prefer real life to whatever this will be

No Thanks
Kate Wagner