Tom Cruise in a scene from the film 'Minority Report', 2002. (Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images...

'All Light, Everywhere' and the False Promise of Predictive Policing

A new documentary explores law enforcement's dreams of omniscience

Nicholas Russell
Burning firewood in fire-box of fireplace in country cottage. Rustic cooking oven with burning logs.

It's Fireplace Video Time

Who cares.

indulge your senses
Kelly Conaboy
Young man using smart phone,Social Distancing ,Working From Home concept.

The Unofficial Rules of Posting

Etiquette for the social media age

Dos and Don’ts
Jenny G. Zhang
mature business woman wearing virtual reality glasses

Things You Can't Do in the Metaverse

An incomprehensive list

hello, world
Jennifer Schaffer

Some Ideas for Facebook's New Name

"Nothin' to See Here"?

Facebook 2: Book of Secrets
Olivia Craighead

R.I.P. Apple Laptop Touch Bar, We’ll See and Avoid You in Hell

Apple has retired its terrible nightmare touch bar technology, thank god.

evil technology
Kelly Conaboy

It's Not About the Dopamine

Facebook critics miss the point when focusing on its effects on brain chemistry

Zachary Siegel

All Facebook Employees Should Just Quit

Chop, chop

Move Fast and Break Things
Jenny G. Zhang

We Are Living in a Charisma Drought

It's the one thing you can't fake.

some pizzazz
Jennifer Schaffer

1/7 of the World’s Population Is Now on TikTok

That's why you have to keep pretending that you've watched them.

large numbers
Kelly Conaboy

Don't Tell My Friend When I Use Their e-Gift Card

A small ask for Big Tech.

Kelly Conaboy

The Facebook Ray-Bans Are Nostalgia Mining 2013

Ugh, take me back to when Argo won Best Picture

Claire Carusillo

Drooling Masses Lose Attention Span for YouTube, Prefer TikTok

According to a report on Android users in the U.S. and the U.K., at least

Screen Time
Jenny G. Zhang

Here’s Why You Should Super Follow Me on Twitter

Assuming I can get @jack to enable it for me

My Only Fans
Jenny G. Zhang

You Know What's Easier Than Slapping a Peach Emoji Over Your Child's Face?

Not posting pictures of them at all.

Unsolicited Advice
Kelly Conaboy

Tesla to Build Robot Designed to Have Its Ass Kicked

This bitch is wearing a unitard

Machine Intelligence
Jenny G. Zhang