Loser Rips Off Game That Brings Everyone Joy

Wordle doesn’t deserve this

Jenny G. Zhang
Italy, Woman withVRgoggles sitting on wall in city

Even Walmart Is Worse in the Metaverse

I prefer real life to whatever this will be

No Thanks
Kate Wagner
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 13: Jeff Bezos attends the Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala presented by...

The Mystery of Jeff Bezos’s Kids’ Names

Who are these prime progenies

Tarpley Hitt
Water bear. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a water bear, or tardigrade (phylum Tardi...

So Did the Tardigrade Get Quantum Entangled or Not?

I just want the truth.

Kelly Conaboy

Democracy Dies in Darkness: Netflix Launches News Site About Netflix

Tudum, who is Emily in Paris?

Second Screen
Jenny G. Zhang

You Are a Monkey

It’s okay to just feel a certain way without a political or ethical reason for it.

paging jane goodall
Jennifer Schaffer

Jack Dorsey: I Make Block

A new corporate identity for Square

Claire Carusillo

'All Light, Everywhere' and the False Promise of Predictive Policing

A new documentary explores law enforcement's dreams of omniscience

Nicholas Russell

It's Fireplace Video Time

Who cares.

indulge your senses
Kelly Conaboy

The Unofficial Rules of Posting

Etiquette for the social media age

Dos and Don’ts
Jenny G. Zhang

Things You Can't Do in the Metaverse

An incomprehensive list

hello, world
Jennifer Schaffer

Some Ideas for Facebook's New Name

"Nothin' to See Here"?

Facebook 2: Book of Secrets
Olivia Craighead

R.I.P. Apple Laptop Touch Bar, We’ll See and Avoid You in Hell

Apple has retired its terrible nightmare touch bar technology, thank god.

evil technology
Kelly Conaboy

It's Not About the Dopamine

Facebook critics miss the point when focusing on its effects on brain chemistry

Zachary Siegel

All Facebook Employees Should Just Quit

Chop, chop

Move Fast and Break Things
Jenny G. Zhang

We Are Living in a Charisma Drought

It's the one thing you can't fake.

some pizzazz
Jennifer Schaffer