Having A Son Helped Morgan Wallen Grow Out Of Saying The N-Word

Sometimes all it takes is a baby

Nice Guy
Sarah Hagi

Scott Disick Babysits Kourtney Kardashian’s Kids on Her Wedding Day

It was his present to her

Child-Free Weddings
Olivia Craighead

Gawker Review of Architecture: Supreme Court Edition

Reviewing the nine Justices' homes

Tarpley Hitt

Queen of Lean Soft Launches New Stick

It's her new toyboy

the shaft
Claire Carusillo

Did Lisa Vanderpump Reach Out About Dorit’s Break-In?

A new mystery

searching for truth
Kelly Conaboy

ELLE Staff Drops Trou in Support of Kim Kardashian

They don't teach you that in J-school

The Devil Wears Nada
Olivia Craighead

Meghan and Harry: The Balcony Can Go Fuck Itself

Your new home for up-to-the-minute balcony updates

Elevated Discourse
Claire Carusillo

‘Hacks’ and the Tragedy of Cool

In the latest season of the HBO Max series, the facade of indifference unravels

Caring Is Sharing
Sam Moore

An Elegy For the iPod

Join me in mourning by solemnly playing "1234" by Feist on your Apple Watch.

rest in pod
Nicholas Russell

Welcome to Tiny Graceland, Where Elvis Hangs His Itty-Bitty Hat

Behold, the King's mansion in 1:24 scale

net positive
Claire Carusillo

Slap Update CCCXLVII: Wanda Sykes Is Pissed, Chris Rock Is Laughin’

And Will Smith continues to be fucked

This Is Still Happening
Olivia Craighead

Optical Illusion: Is This Lala Kent or Ariana Madix?

What you see will reveal … something

Kelly Conaboy

Elon Musk: One Sec, I Am Looking Into Bots

The tech CEO seems to be slowly backing away from his Twitter deal

Tarpley Hitt

God Has Abandoned Us; ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Will Return for Another Season

These are the worst days of our lives

the devil's work
Kelly Conaboy

The Queen Had a Secret Rendezvous With Her Horses

Then tried to buy the rest off from the comfort of her Range Rover

hot to trot
Claire Carusillo

Eurovision and Its Discontents

The flamboyant song contest is not only a Saturnalia of Taste, it is also a Saturnalia of Sovereignty

Ryan Ruby