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Nicknames So Good They Could Only Be the Work of this TikToker

From “Olivia” to “Trivia”? Her mind…

30 under 30
Fran Hoepfner

New Guy to Hate: Michelle Branch’s Alleged Cheater Ex-Husband, Whom She Allegedly Slapped

The “Everywhere” singer launched him in a since-deleted tweet

you're nowhere to me
Kelly Conaboy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle In Need of Friends With Guns

A royal biographer's urgent plea

armed and fabulous
Claire Carusillo

Were the Paparazzi On Ben Affleck and J.Lo’s Honeymoon “Almost Princess-Diana Level”?

People (sources connected to Affleck) are saying this

Serious Questions
Allie Jones

Failure to Cope "Under Capitalism"

The inability to do basic tasks is not always a political problem

Adulting: The Sequel
Clare Coffey

Understanding Homeless Not Toothless, Dorit Kemsley's Cause Célèbre

Bravoheads have a lot of follow-up questions about last night's impossible-sounding gala

dental damn
Claire Carusillo

10 Things to Know About Marie-Lou Nurk, Jason Oppenheim's New Love!

Who is Ms. Marie-Lou?

marie-lou nurk alert
Leah Finnegan

Meet Gary, Babykins, and Big Willy Mountbatten-Windsor

The royals' nicknames for each other are almost as good as "Prince of Pegging"

princess of negging
Claire Carusillo

Time to Press Kathy Hilton's Factory Reset Button

She got racist during a "Watch What Happens Live" appearance

Not hunky dory
Sarah Hagi

Jerry Seinfeld Is Annoying … Man, Shut Up

Don’t talk to Lisa Kudrow like that (in the past)

what's the deal with this mf
Kelly Conaboy

Mumford Is Doing Just Fine Without Sons

He got a tattoo of an Oscar

spielberg iphone music video
Fran Hoepfner

Armie Got New Inkie

The troubled star has some fresh tats

Claire Carusillo

The Ceaseless Delight of ‘Nancy’

Ernie Bushmiller's comic about a mischievous eight-year-old is almost 100 years old and better than ever

sluggo is lit
Fran Hoepfner

Beau Biden (Baby) Is My Beautiful New Baby

I want to smooch my new king

american exceptionalism
Claire Carusillo

Everyone’s a Loser In the Ongoing Wilde/Sudeikis Drama

Yes, even Harry Styles

do worry darling
Fran Hoepfner

Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz Are NOT Feuding and It’s NOT About Peltz’s Wedding Dress

Wait who said that

Mothers In Law
Allie Jones