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Jan. 6 Maiden Just Wants to Go to the Ren Faire

She (allegedly) stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop, but now she wants one of those really big turkey legs

Tarpley Hitt

Amandla Stenberg Responds to Terrified NYT Critic: Lighten Up Mama!

No need to call 911 just because of some light boob humor

Make 'Em Laugh
Olivia Craighead

There Are Only Three Kenneths

But which is your favorite?

No Kens Allowed
Olivia Craighead

Brandi Glanville Is Not Sorry for Rage DMing Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend

Mama Bear to the end

drinking and dming
Kelly Conaboy

J.Lo and Ben Will Be Married by a Podcaster


Tarpley Hitt

Source: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Actually Doing Great

What do we give this, three months?

not breaking up
Kelly Conaboy

Amandla Stenberg to NYT Critic: Eyes Off My Tits, Lady

The 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' star had some notes about one of the movie’s reviews

Drama Drama Drama
Olivia Craighead

Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell Have Filed for Divorce

Good news for Dean and Trudy, at least

i won't follow
Kelly Conaboy

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Rattles the Cage of Marvel Mediocrity

Even Tatiana Maslany buckles under the weight of shared continuity

i object!
David Odyssey

Fallon Files: Jimmy Defies Haters (Us), Stays Winning

It brings me no pleasure to report this

More Like Ass-word
Olivia Craighead

The Queen Cannot Be Moved

Her body is as rigid as her demanding schedule

stiff upper limb
Claire Carusillo

Consumerism Reports: $15.99 Worth of Canned Air

Huff, huff, pass

young lungs
Claire Carusillo

Cruel Unique Tragedy: Tamra Judge Has Closed CUT Fitness

The ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star will have to find a new “F” to give

cardio unique termination
Kelly Conaboy

Some Ideas for a Fourth 'Before' Movie

It's been nine years, and we're not getting any younger.

Before I Die
Olivia Craighead

The Montecito Diaries: Meghan Markle Will Never Forgive Katy Perry

The singer's 2018 comments on Meghan's wedding dress are threatening to tear apart the community

hot n cold
Claire Carusillo

Rachel Bilson Says She Misses Bill Hader’s Big Personality

Or wait that’s not it

Bill Hader Energy
Allie Jones