Upcoming Tech CEO Shows, Ranked

Finally unethical bosses are getting their time in the limelight

Olivia Craighead

The Problem With Jamie Lynn Spears's Memoir

'Things I Should Have Said' doesn't work

It's Britney
Allie Jones

Bushwick Woman Waging Solo War On Dog Poop

She's replacing it with chalk art

Tarpley Hitt

NYT Styles Adds "Clothes" To List of Things That Are Back

Try and keep up [drags on cigarette]

Claire Carusillo

Let's Discuss 'This Is Us': Don’t Even Ask About Father

Father is not here. He is working!

Kelly Conaboy

All The People Reminding Us That They Knew Bob Saget

Steve Harvey, thank you for weighing in.

In Lieu of Flowers
Olivia Craighead

'Rear Window' Neighbors, Ranked

Who would you rather live next to?

Close Your Blinds
Anna Swanson

An Important Clarification About This ‘Bachelor’ Couple’s Baby Name

Please read

Allie Jones

Yellowjackets Should Be No More Than 3 Seasons Long

A good thing needn't be ruined

Sarah Hagi

Desperate Winter Recipe: Sheet Pan S'mores

A safer but sadder alternative to cooking with an open flame

flame emoji
Claire Carusillo

A.V. Club Staffers Turn Down "Invitation" To Move To LA

Last month, the site's top editor told the Chicago-based employees to relocate to Los Angeles or get fired

Tarpley Hitt

Regular Food Review: Korean Egg Drop Sandwich

I know what the sauce looks like

Sweet & Savory
Jenny G. Zhang

Bella Hadid Is the Best Rich Hot Person

Behind her tiny sunglasses, a model cries.

Wah Wah
Sarah Hagi

Lego Legal Battle Ensues Over Lego Antoni’s Lego Leather Jacket

And the celebrity chef’s silence is deafening

Litigious Eye
Olivia Craighead

The Pagan Origins of Blue Monday

This winter holiday springs from ancient Briton ingenuity

Claire Carusillo

The Prince Must Have His Teddies

Quickly, maid! Arrange them according to the laminated diagram!

bedtime rituals
Kelly Conaboy