Flying bat hunting in forest. The grey long-eared bat (Plecotus austriacus) is a fairly large Europe...

Bats Collect ‘Bird of the Year 2021’ Prize, Laugh in the Face of Furious Birders

New Zealand has given bats, which are not birds, their biggest bird prize.

yay bat
Kelly Conaboy
A woman petting a cute red dog Shiba inu, sleeping on her lap. Close-up. Trust, calm, care, friendsh...

Everything You Need to Know About Shiba Inus

The breed? The cryptocurrency? Yes

Bork Bork
Jenny G. Zhang
funny dog in ghost costume posing for Halloween

Halloween Poll: Is This TikTok Dog Being Spooked by a Ghost?

I have to warn you — you will be scared.

real ghosts caught on film
Kelly Conaboy
Canis lupus arctos. Wolf headshot with open mouth showing his fangs

The Omegaverse Theory of Fiction

I read classic literary texts through the lens of erotic canine fanfiction, and you can too.

Mikaella Clements

Bones or No Bones Is Exploitative

I'm not even kidding, really

difficulty breathing
Claire Carusillo

How Many Years of Your Life Would You Give to Your Dog?

A morose but loving discussion topic.

life and death
Kelly Conaboy

Do You Wish You Had a Tail?

Not in a furry way, in a science way.

swish swish
Kelly Conaboy

Save the Bees Except for the Ones That Killed 63 Endangered Penguins

A tragic massacre near Cape Town shows “oppressed” bees are not that innocent

Bitch Bees
Jenny G. Zhang

NYC's Newest Glass Box Will Look Great On Instagram — Except for All the Dead Birds

As always, NYC architecture seems designed for avian massacre

Bird Brain
Jenny G. Zhang

These Crazy Fucks Want to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth

In the name of science

Ice Age
Jenny G. Zhang

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Farewell to Mochica, one of the world’s oldest penguins

Jenny G. Zhang

Cow Moment

Big beautiful bovine hijinks

Jenny G. Zhang

A Woman Has Been Banned from a Zoo for Loving a Chimpanzee

Can you blame her?

Sarah Hagi

Cuomo Loves to Paw but Does He Hate His Dog?

A new report alleges Captain, a three-year-old Northern Inuit mix, was left behind in the governor’s mansion

In the Doghouse
Jenny G. Zhang

Leave Wally the Walrus Alone

Yes he is lovably destroying boats off the coast of Ireland, but that doesn’t mean you can bother him.

Sweet Wally
Kelly Conaboy

A Bunch of Dogs Are Named Fauci Now

I guess they probably don’t mind.

good fauci, good fauci!
Kelly Conaboy