Customer holding phone with dog photo on it to restaurant worker.

Restaurant That Asked for Woof of Vaccination Violated COVID Protocols

(Woof of vaccination is dog pics)

Bow Wow
Jenny G. Zhang
Photo taken in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sausage Drone Is the Hero Dogs Deserve

Take me to higher ground (with sausage).

give a dog a drone
Kelly Conaboy
Herd of miniature shetland breed ponies in the field in autumn

Attention Hollywood: Medieval War Horses Were Little Ponies

We’ll fix it in post

Jenny G. Zhang
Collage of cinereous vulture in Singapore.

Cinereous Vulture Can’t Get It Up (in the Air) (Twice)

A near-threatened raptor that crash-landed in Singapore failed two flight attempts after rehabilitation

Prayers for Bird of Prey
Jenny G. Zhang

My Pet Skunk

An ode to a faithful childhood friend

Darcie Wilder

Catholic Church Makes Critical Misstep

A once-pristine reputation now sullied

boner kill
Claire Carusillo

Dogs Are Incredible: Hiker-Saving Alaskan Malamute Edition

Dogs save lives… and hearts

Jenny G. Zhang

Pro-Vax Sheep and Goats Form Outline of Giant Syringe

Cute animals against COVID

Fuzzy Faucis
Jenny G. Zhang

Bidens Trade in Problematic Dog for Carefully Vetted Puppy


Presidential Pet Press
Jenny G. Zhang

Will the Real “True” Millipede Please Stand Up on All 1,306 Legs!

Let’s give it up for the newly discovered Eumillipes persephone

Slim Pins
Jenny G. Zhang

"Hi, Baby!" Things on the Floor I Thought Were My Dog

He looks a lot like Spanx tights

mutual respect
Claire Carusillo

Roving Gang of 20 Otters Kicks Man’s Ass in Singapore

An unfortunate case of mistaken identity

Smooth-Coated Criminals
Jenny G. Zhang

I’m So Tired of These Unrealistic Beauty Standards for Camels

Dozens were kicked out of a beauty pageant for using Botox and other cosmetic enhancements

Their Humps
Jenny G. Zhang

Medina Spirit Was So Much More Than the Demons He Battled

A eulogy

Claire Carusillo

Hungry Hippos? More Like Snotty Hippos — Because They Have COVID-19

A mother-and-daughter duo tested positive for the novel coronavirus at the Antwerp Zoo

Thoughts and Prayers
Jenny G. Zhang

Bats Collect ‘Bird of the Year 2021’ Prize, Laugh in the Face of Furious Birders

New Zealand has given bats, which are not birds, their biggest bird prize.

yay bat
Kelly Conaboy