An ostensibly polite request found posted outside the She & Him concert at last week's Toronto Urban Roots Fest asking attendees not to snap photos or shoot video of the duo was actually pretty aggressive, as some fans who flouted the ban quickly discovered.

"Just got hell from security for taking a picture of She and pictures, no video," tweeted concertgoer Neil Palmer. "Is this just for them, or festival policy?"

As it turned out, it was just for them.

"Some artists prefer not to have their photo taken but please feel free to take photos of our other artists," the official TURF Twitter account responded.

Entertainment writer Jonathan Dekel says he spoke with the band's manager and was told point blank that "Zooey doesn't want to see phones!"

Which he found a tad incongruous: "Now venue staff is informing people that if they dare take photos of a woman whose entire job it is to be on camera they will be kicked out."

Apparently five pre-screened photographers were given permission to take photos — presumably for a fee — which were then published in established publications.

Everyone else who tried to sneak a quick pic by security got a flashlight shiner, according to Polaris Music Prize juror Rob Duffy.

At least one attendee offered a semi-reasonable excuse for Zooey's Beyoncé-esque anti-fan-photo crusade:

BREAKING: Actress/singer Zooey Deschanel's soul lost, presumed stolen, in #Toronto. Local iPhone owner brought in for questioning.

— Dave Jaffer (@combatdavey) July 5, 2013

Added another: "I blame Siri for brainwashing her."

[H/T: ONTD, photo top via @LiveinLimbo, photo middle via Exclaim! on Facebook]