According to a Bushwick resident, "Bees from Roberta's rooftop hives are escaping and terrorizing [the] street nightly."

This tipster emailed in to Gothamist to explain that the bee hives on neighborhood favorite Roberta's rooftop are somehow not secure. Making your way down Moore Street is now a living nightmare. The resident complains:

Hundreds of bees can be found buzzing around each building's outdoor lights, and crawling across the sidewalk. Not sure if they are sick, or confused, but they are not aggressive. They move slowly and almost act as if they're drunk.

So it's more of an eerie, undead bee situation versus a biblical swarm. The resident continues, "Everyone is scared they might start attacking their dogs, or obviously us humans too. In the morning, piles of dead bees can be seen on the sidewalk."

Roberta's has not yet commented on the zombie bee apocalypse it allegedly created.

[Image via Shutterstock/nulinukas]