In the latest installment of his long-running Funny or Die interview series Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis sits down with Justin Bieber to finally ask him all the questions sycophantic entertainment reporters have refused to ask — and then spank him.

No joke: Galifianakis confronts Bieber about all the bad things he's been doing over the last few months — from saying Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, to peeing in a restaurant kitchen, to driving recklessly around LA, to doing drugs with his punk "friends."

"You're too young to be smoking pot and pee-peeing in buckets and driving up and down on the highway fast," Galifianakis actually yells at Bieber at one point, before taking off his belt and spanking him. "You're not a child, and that's the point. So I can hit a grown man with a belt."


[video via Funny or Die]