First, some context.

After an unidentified security systems company missed an appointment, one inconvenienced customer phoned the company's customer service line to straighten things out.

Following a little back and forth, the issue was bumped up to a supervisor named Michelle, who subsequently phoned the customer and left him a message asking him to call her back to her direct extension.

And so he did.

Except that Michelle had apparently gone home for the day, and no one at customer service seemed to know her by name, so the customer was kicked around the system for over three hours.

He ultimately reached a tech support agent named Mark, and that's when he officially broke down and let the expletives fly.

What followed was the culmination not just of this customer's individual frustration with the customer service system of this particular company, but the synergistic ire of every customer who has ever been shoved around by useless customer service since the first hold button was installed.

The exchange was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by a person claiming to be a former employee of the company.

According to this person, after this incident, the customer was legally banned from phoning the company.

The ex-employee also claims the company has gone to lengths to scrub any and all record that this call ever took place.

"The company would not be happy that I'm doing this," he wrote, "but it belongs on the internet."

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