DC Toys Collector—better known as Disney Collector—is one of the most popular channels on YouTube, mostly because kids can't stop watching it. The videos star an anonymous woman unwrapping and playing with toys, describing all their features in a soothing, childlike voice. Disney Collector's face is never onscreen—we only see her hands.

This week, the Daily Mail claimed they'd figured out who those famous hands belong to: an Orlando-based Brazilian woman named Daiane DeJesus, formerly known as the porn star Sandy Summers.

The Mail was able to link DeJesus to Disney Collector because her husband, Messias Credidio, had previously been outed as the man behind Disney Collector's partner channel, BluCollection, which is filmed in precisely the same style. When reporters played Disney Collector's unboxing videos for DeJesus's former neighbors, they immediately recognized the voice as hers.

The British tabloid also tracked DeJesus to her current home and claimed to have shipping receipts showing toys were sent there from Germany.

Credido's ex-wife, Maribel Barreto, also provided confirmation that the couple are behind the popular toy channel: "Yes, they are the Disney Collectors. I can't say any more," she told the Mail.

There are still some loose ends, though: Is Barreto possibly working with the two on the channel, and maybe even playing the hands while DeJesus does the voiceovers? A rumor that started on the blog FranticMama last April named Messias Credidio, but claimed he was working with his wife, "Vera," 44. Maribel Barreto happens to be 44, while DeJesus is 29 or 32, depending on whether you believe her marriage license or her porn site bio.

Whether it's complete and accurate or not, the Mail's story is pretty rich tabloid fodder: the unseen woman who made an estimated $5 million last year entertaining toy-obsessed kiddos used to have a career entertaining boob-obsessed adults? The Mail imagines parents with no chill will be scandalized by this, and they're probably right, but come on: all you can see are her hands, and all she talks about are children's toys. You'd be crazy to give up something that keeps the kids quiet over a little thing like a porn star past.

[Photo: Sandy Summers/Twitter]