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If you weren't tuned in to CNN at 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night to witness the car wreck that was Chris Cuomo's insane interview with "vivacious, sexually adventurous, guitar-playing student" (and accused murderer) Amanda Knox—why? Why weren't you watching CNN? Were you doin' some sex stuff? Some kinda freaky sex stuff? Some freaky sex stuff like everybody says you like? 'Zat what gets you off? Sex? You like doing sex? Chris Cuomo will be arriving at your home shortly to grill you about your perversions.

While the subject of the hour and a half chat was ostensibly Knox's retrial for the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher (secondary subject: Knox's brand new book) at times (specifically: all of them — all of the times), it appeared that Cuomo felt he had been hired by the morality polizia to interrogate Knox about her role as a sexfun badgirl.

"Knox is into some freaky sexual things!" he barked at her.

"Were you into into deviant sex? Insensitive question, but hey..."

"Still smoke weed?"

Throughout the interview (highlights above), Cuomo seemed to be working a sort of good cop/bad cop angle in which he was the bad cop and the only good cop is a bad cop so he was also the good cop (a bad cop).

Viewers immediately began lambasting the performance—which would have been equally informative if CNN had just played Rick James' "Super Freak" over a static image of Knox for 90 minutes—online, calling Cuomo "a jerk" and "an asshole" and "a horrible interviewer."

After the special aired, Cuomo took to his Twitter account to confirm that pimpin' ain't "ez," but added that he thought Foxy Knoxy (alleged sex kitten who loves to get freaky according to rumors) handled herself well in the face of a stranger demanding to know whether or not she murdered someone by partying too much.

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