Have you ever sat in a car and thought "I wish this were my clothes?" Why not drive that car to the nearest Forever 21 and make your dream a reality and then die knowing you have achieved your dream—something many people never do?

Reader Kenneth Mayer offers this photo of a woman reuniting her Forever 21 sweater with its seat cover twin at an Alaskan home goods superstore in April.

If you don't live in Alaska but would still like to outfit the interior of your vehicle with Baja flair, the Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Bench Seat Cover is available online at Walmart.com for $18.64.

According to its description, the Baja Blanket Bench Seat Cover "fits most standard size bench seats" and is "easy to install."

The Free Spirit Serape Hoodie previously retailed at Forever 21 for $25 but is currently sold out.

One reviewer on Forever21.com observes of the Free Spirit Serape Hoodie, "I got so many compliments the day I wore it, it's unbelievable." Another reviewer, who is probably a car, notes that the garment "goes well with jeans and leggings."

Forever 21 currently offers a Baja Beauty Weekender bag made out of what appears to be the same fabric, for $27.80.

However, for $6 less, you could buy this Bell Automotive Baja Blanket 36-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit from Amazon in an identical pattern, and, in addition to a bag, receive an arsenal of tools useful for minor roadside emergencies, such as 8 alcohol preparation pads, 15 adhesive bandages, a siphon pump, and a "Help" sign. The Bell Automotive Baja Blanket 36-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit also comes with one (1) glow stick, whereas the Baja Beauty Weekender comes with no glow sticks.

Forever 21, purveyor of colorful lightweight Baja fabrics but not glow sticks, declined to comment for this post. It is unclear what, if any, other cute items available on the Forever 21 website are made from car parts.

[Image and tip via Kenneth Meyer]