In a bad relationship? Thinking, Hey, my situation probably couldn't get much worse? Well break up with the bastard, and then thank the heavens that you're not this poor British woman whose man accidentally sent her a video he very deliberately filmed of himself fucking their dog.

Now listed on Britain's sex offender registry and—one hopes—enjoying the single life, David Buchanan tells prosecutors he had been home alone watching porn when he "wondered what it would be like to have sex with the dog."

Specifically, the Rhodesian Ridgeback he shared with his girlfriend, who was about to get a very unpleasant sext at work.

"She was at work on this day and received on her mobile phone a 29-second video clip from a tablet computer.

"That video showed him having sex with their 10-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback."

He added: "It appears her mobile phone and the tablet are linked by the cloud, and it is that way the video was sent to her.

The dude isn't going to jail, but according to the North Devon Journal, he will be listed on Britain's sex offender registry for seven years—or 49 dog years.

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