A 20-year-old woman at the center of a viral video capturing a bizarre lovers' spat between herself, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's "other woman" was arrested after an eyewitness phoned the police to report the public humiliation.

Many passers-by gathered around to watch the woman repeated smack her kneeling boyfriend as their argument over his alleged two-timing played out on a busy shopping street in Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

Several times the weeping man can be seen begging a woman standing beside his girlfriend to speak up and confirm that he did not invite her to his apartment as the girlfriend claims, but she refuses to intervene.

The video ends with the man still on his knees, but according to a Hong Kong police spokesman, officers arrested the girlfriend a short time later, and booked her on a charge of common assault.

"A victim, aged 23 and surnamed Chui, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment," said the spokesman, adding that the incident involved a "dispute over love affairs."

[H/T: NewsFeed]