On Friday at this year's Gathering of the Juggalos, a man was discovered dead in a tent around 2pm. Late yesterday, the Hardin County Coroner identified the young man as Cory Collins from nearby Harrisburg, Illinois.

The cause of death is pending a toxicology report, but it's been widely suspected that Collins died from a heroin overdose—according to one person familiar with the situation, he had track marks on his arm. Illinois State Police are investigating.

Earlier in the day, Collins had approached a fellow camper, saying he wasn't feeling well, and asked if he could sleep briefly in his four-person tent. Riverfront Times talked with the tent owner who'd found the body cold:

He explained that he went to lift the man's arm up (which reportedly displayed track marks) to check his pulse, but when he did so "the guy's whole body came up — rigor mortis had begun to set in — and blood came out of his mouth."

Our source explains that the man then frantically began trying to wake his sleeping friends, telling them that there was a dead man in the tent with them. "These are four dudes that had been sleeping with a corpse."

This isn't the first Gathering-related death. In 2011, 24-year-old Jesse Waters from Murfreesboro, Tennessee drowned in the nearby Ohio River. In the years before that, another young man had wandered off alone and was found dead from dehydration in the woods.

Last month, a 40-year-old man also died from an overdose at the Gathering of the Vibes.

Update: A Cory Collins memorial Facebook page is here. His family is accepting donations here.

[photo by Nate "Igor" Smith; more of his photos from the Gathering are here.]

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