Bride-to-be Collette Moreno, 26, died in a car crash on the way to her bachelorette party this weekend, KCTV reports. Moreno's best friend, Ashley Theobald, was driving. Moreno (pictured above, left) took a selfie just before the crash.

Theobald told KCTV she collided with another vehicle after trying to pass a truck — she says the truck's exhaust fumes were giving Moreno an asthma attack. "We both thought it was clear and there was a hill that neither one of us saw. I tried to go around and there was a truck coming and I swerved and he swerved with me," she said.

According to the Daily Mail, Moreno was set to marry Jesse Arcobasso in Jamaica on July 26th. Moreno's five-year-old son lived with the couple. Arcobasso says Moreno's son hasn't comprehended the accident yet: "He doesn't quite understand everything just yet. I know it's going to take time."

[Image via KCTV]