You're a discerning and fashionable gentleman. You have money, power, and an insatiable appetite for breasts and other sex-type stuff. You know what time it is. You wear a watch—but you need a new one. Which watch is the watch for you? Think fast: The insufficiently manly timepiece on your wrist is ticking.

The answer, as if there were ever a question: the Erotic Hour Striker, by the noted horologists at Ulysse-Nardin, which features a man and woman engaged in eternal coitus on its face and apparently retails for about $100,000.

Writes Bloomberg watch expert Stephen Pulvirent of the Striker, a new version of which was unveiled at Baselworld, a recent gathering of watch experts:

And yes, those figures do exactly what you think they do when you press the pushers.

In other words: If you don't think that little gold man is humping the bejeezus out of that little gold lady every time you push the buttons, maybe you don't know what time it is after all.

According to Bloomberg, manifesting your dream of owning a watch with two little golden figures having sex on it will set you back roughly "price upon request" dollars. But a little digging reveals a previous version of the watch for sale on Retail is $120,000, but for a horny sex man like you, they'll unload it for $93k. Are you man enough?

[h/t World's Best Ever. Image via Prestige Time]