"No Vegas experience would be complete without seeing the Entertainment Capital of the World's funniest resident headliner, Carrot Top," according to a news story on the home page of America's third-largest newspaper this morning.

The heavily muscled prop comedian has more than 300 different prop gags in his repertoire—"a number that continues to grow, as the funnyman is always creating," says the story in USA Today, a paper also renowned for its evenhanded coverage of angels and heaven.

The story, which is not a paid advertisement, gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the perils of live performance onstage at The Luxor, one of Las Vegas' premier casinos, located on the Vegas strip, just next to the Mandalay Bay. "I have this [toy] bus that smoke comes out of, that I say is Snoop Dogg's tour bus, and there have been many occasions where I've pushed the button and no smoke came out of it," Carrot Top reveals to Heather Turk, a writer at 10Deep.com, a division of USA Today. "The crowd would just be like, 'What?'"

"Tickets start at just $49.95," the story adds.

USA Today has a daily circulation of 1.7 million, more than the LA Times, the Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune combined.

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