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Last night in Montreal, Beyoncé's natural, honey blonde hair got stuck in a giant fan while she was performing her Grammy Award-winning single "Halo" in front of 21,000 people. The result is some truly hilarious video (from varying angles and distances) of Beyoncé sitting glumly on stage belting out a love song while a team of giant men attempt to rip her hair out of a fan.

It is the most entertaining clip to date from a world tour that has already provided us with a rich anthology of compelling video.

Honey doesn't miss a beat.

Following the incident, Beyoncé posted a shot of "Halo" lyrics revised to describe her confrontation with the fan (sample line: Gravity can't begin / to pull me out of the fan again) to her Instagram account.

Then she sat down at an elegant, glass-topped dining room table and began to consume the fan that had betrayed her, methodically chewing its melted plastic frame, metal blades, electrical wires, so that she could absorb her enemy's power.

[via YouTube]

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