The Cincinnati Zoo just got itself a cool new buddy: their 7-year-old giraffe Tessa gave birth to a baby girl giraffe calf who is currently nameless. The gates have been opened for the lay public to name the new creature, but you only have three days until the contest ends. Get moving.

The mama and her new friend are available for ogling at the Cincinnati Zoo's Giraffe Ridge, but maybe you don't live in Cincinnati. Maybe you're a farflung giraffe fan. Or maybe nomenclature is your bag. Either way, here are a few options. The comments are yours for further suggestions.

  • Jane
  • Trevor, because why not it's a giraffe
  • Graphing Paper
  • Tall animal whose body is largely neck and legs
  • Thickened Papillae
  • Tinkerbell
  • Spike Jonze

[Image via AP]