Actor and activist Randy Quaid has uploaded a series of videos of himself having sex with his wife, American director Evi Quaid, which you can watch here, if that's something you want to do. A tipster writes:

Hunting for the now-famous video of Randy Quaid having sex with his wife in a Rupert Murdoch mask, we came across a number of recently posted new videos on Quaid's own Vidme page, including a series of lengthy, explicit, hardcore sex tapes like this one:

The rest of the videos are available for anyone to see here on his page:

Stunned nobody's come across this yet. Hope you run with it. Thanks.

It's like a wormhole to some alternate universe. Can't believe nobody's seen this yet.

While it is true that clicking through the links above will take you to a page filled with previously unseen footage of Evi Quaid performing intimate acts with her heavily bearded husband under the watchful eye of a Rupert Murdoch portrait, while a dog barks loudly and incessantly on the other side of the room, we must take issue with one portion of our tipster's email: it is not at all difficult to believe that nobody's seen this yet.