The current bid is $36,000 for this beautiful old Willie Nelson tour bus. It gets 7 miles a gallon. It sleeps 8. It's like a saloon inside, with red velvet and beveled glass. It's got miles of wood paneling. Hell, there may still be a stash in that wood paneling that's worth 36 grand!

Via the Village Voice, some dude on Craigslist in East Texas wants to sell his bus, which was built for the red-headed stranger in the '80s. Interior by Florida Coach, and lots of marijuana. It could be converted into, like, an Uber for working class heroes:

If you're interested, the damn thing runs just fine, thank you very much. But act fast:

Due to the extremely high demand and the amount of offers being thrown at us for this bus. We have decided to take offers all the way to 12:00 AM Central 5/3/2014 for this bus. We are planning to sell this bus this weekend.

Also, no checks or loans, man: "Cash is the preferred method of payment."