Right this very minute, you can navigate to a website and place a bid for a chance to own an authentic old jumprope or dirty pair of sneakers or even a punching bag, punched by the actual fists of Bruce Lee.

Allow us to quote briefly from the press release announcing this auction of Bruce Lee Memorabilia GOING ON NOW:

Said Mark Ashton-Jackson, stepson of Herb Jackson, to whom Lee gifted all the items, "People understand that Bruce was special and way ahead of his time. He was really interested in reaching his highest potential and he achieved that through martial arts. He would reach that 'flow' experience through martial arts and then applied it to all other areas of his life — in acting, writing, directing and with those around him. He used martial arts as a process of self-discovery."

Man. Fucking the Bruce Lee, man. Fucking awesome. You might think $1,000 is a lot to pay for a nasty old tank top. But it's a small price to pay for self-discovery.

Makes a great gift for your favorite—or least favorite!—blogger.

[Bid now... like water.]