This weekend Peachtree City police nabbed a Walking Dead star for driving drunk near the Georgia town where the AMC show films. And if you’re thinking you’ve read this story before, you have: it’s the second time an actor from the show has been arrested for a DUI in that county.

According to the AP, officers pulled 46-year-old actor Seth Gilliam over on Sunday around 2 am after they observed him driving erratically.

“The driver applied the brakes prior to passing my vehicle and was still traveling at 107 mph,” a Peachtree City police officer, who was in his patrol car and running radar, wrote in a report.

The speed limit on that stretch of highway is 55 mph. It is not far from the set where much of the TV show is filmed in the nearby town of Senoia. Gilliam plays Father Gabriel on a drama that portrays survivors of a zombie apocalypse battling infected “walkers” and each other.

Gilliam told the officer he had three beers and a shot of alcohol, according to a police report. The actor’s eyes were “extremely bloodshot,” the report said.

Police say they noticed a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the Chevrolet Cruze, and found a marijuana joint inside a cigarette pack in the car.

Gilliam is reportedly facing an array of charges, including drunk driving, reckless driving, and drug possession.

He’s the second actor from the show to get arrested in such a fashion—cops caught actor Scott Wilson driving around the same area with a 0.143 BAC. According to the police report, Wilson attempted to evade arrest by demonstrating yoga poses and decrying the road as “slanted.” He was unsuccessful.

It’s unclear if Wilson actually served time for the offense or whether prosecutors plan to offer Gilliam any sort of plea.

[image via AP]

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