Shia LaBeouf, former star of Michael Bay movies where he talks to giant, animated toys, was arrested last night by police after showing up to a Broadway production of Cabaret drunk and smoking in the theater. According to a witness seated next to him last night at the show, he was a "congenial drunk" having a hell of time, even falling out of his chair at the site of Alan Cumming.

A tipster sent us their first-person account, in which they witness a drunk LaBeouf doing as a drunk Shia LaBeouf would do:

I was sitting at the table next to Shia's last night, and I witnessed all of his behavior during the show. It's hard to believe this is getting that much press. He was probably a bit too intoxicated to be there, but he seemed like a congenial drunk who was really excited to be at the show. Just some of his antics:

  • When he walked up to his table prior to the show, he made small talk with his 2 older female table mates by asking where they were from. When they replied New York City, he said "You're fucking kidding me!"
  • He got up to get a drink at the bar prior to the show and asked the ladies to "watch my shit." When he returned, he brought them back drinks in souvenir mugs no less.
  • Every time a song would start, he raised his hands in the air for a good minute or so, then he would start bobbing his head along and making hand gestures. He was totally feeling it.
  • During the number "Money," while Alan Cumming was making suggestive gestures to the dancers, he let out a loud "Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!" And then he fell out of his chair which caused a bit of a commotion.
  • He was smoking something on and off during the show despite a polite warning from an usher. I can't really excuse that. Maybe he thought it was ok since the actors smoke throughout the show?

Certainly not proper theater etiquette, but in the club/bar setting of the show, it wasn't as disruptive as it could have been in a more traditional theater setting.

LaBeouf was released from jail this morning, after pleading not guilty to two charges of criminal trespass and one charge of disorderly conduct. And a report from the Smoking Gun would appear to corroborate our tipster's account:

As LaBeouf was melting down, a cluster of pedestrians outside the West 54th Street theater gawked as the star berated Officer Joseph Pecora. A theater security guard told cops that LaBeouf stood up during the middle of last night's performance of the musical and yelled loudly at the actors onstage.

He also apparently shared some lovely sentiments with the police officers taking him away, telling them that the arrest was "fucking bullshit," and incredulously asking, "Do you know my life? Do you know who the fuck I am? Do you know who I am?"

We all do. God, we all do.

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