Okay—so it says here that skyr from Iceland thinks it is going to be the next big yogurt? Oh please—yeah right. Good luck—go fuck yourselves.

You're probably thinking "What is skyr from Iceland?" Exactly—problem number one. Skyr from Iceland is yogurt from Iceland that tastes sour and not as good as Greek Yogurt. What does skyr taste like?

Greek yogurt that a tiny Icelandic horse has peed in.

And now a company sellin' skyr wanna make ads saying Greek yogurt has too much sugar. Wow—is that right? Okay—slow down. Really—you sure?

Fage Delicious Plain Greek yogurt has 8 grams of sugars AND THEY ALL COME FROM MILK.

Oh—I thought skyr was made out of milk too? Wow—coming here from Iceland and telling fibs. Gee—how could skyr have so much less sugar anyhow? I know—there's only one way.

Icelandic horse pee has less sugar than milk.

Okay—go back to Iceland!

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