The Object Solutions website offers a bevy of highly specific products that might be useful if you could actually buy them: magnifying spoon, "lint investment system," full-body-sized moist towelette. But none of the wares on display actually exist.

Despite appearances, Object Solutions—tagline: "A world of problems, solved"—is not so much a retail company as a fever dream about the quiet desperation of retail commerce. Creator Ernesto Morales explained his ethos to Motherboard:

"I create fictional products to reimagine our everyday world and consider whether consumer products are the desirable next steps," Ernesto Morales, the founder of Object Solutions, told me. "I create imposed narratives that function much like advertising does: you are the hero of your own consumer story, and this product is your main supporting character."

It's not surprising to learn that Morales has worked in real-word, non-fictional advertising as well. Object Solution's site is cleanly designed and modern; its pitch videos soothing and attractive. Who wouldn't want a rotisserie patio table?

"Life offers an onslaught of filth at every turn," intones the narrator of the moist towelette spot. Only by giving us your money, Object Solutions seems to say, can you ensure that you'll remain clean.