Nicki Minaj released a new single today called "Only," and it's about how Drake and Lil Wayne actively want to fuck Nicki and how Nicki might one day let them fuck her, but honestly probably not. (Chris Brown, who sings the hook, does not get to fuck Nicki.) This concept is boring. We know Drake and Lil Wayne would fuck Nicki. Instead, we have a much more interesting question.

Would Drake and Lil Wayne fuck each other?

The answer, if we're being completely honest with ourselves, is probably not. But really, who's to say? Only Drake and Lil Wayne know for sure.

Drake and Lil Wayne have been on dozens of songs together in their careers, but not once have they addressed whether they would fuck each other. With both coming out and publicly stating that, yes, they very much would like to fuck Nicki Minaj, I think it's time they turned and addressed each other.

Would they? Would they not? If they were in a threesome with Nicki Minaj, would they touch each other? The people want to know. Or maybe they don't.

All slash fiction welcome in the comments.

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