Well here's a nightmare: an "angry" ex-boyfriend of a Los Angeles high school teacher emailed nude photos of the teacher to over 250 students and staff, according to cops. Pasadena police say the ex-bf, 38-year-old David Galvan, sent the photos when science teacher Richard Rosa was out of the country.

Galvan was charged on July 28 with identity theft, sending obscene matter, and impersonating Rosa. Galvan allegedly fled the state, however, and U.S. Marshals only tracked him down last week. He was arrested on October 21 "on suspicion of unlawfully accessing ... Rosa's school district email account and sending the photographs on July 10." The email contained four photos of a nude Rosa and the subject line "Enjoy."

Rosa's students at John Muir High School stuck by him during the incident—one started an online petition so that Rosa stay employed:

Mr. Rosa is one of the most professional teachers I know and I would hate for a great teacher to lose a job based on a mistake that may have been an accident. He's taught me so much and I don't want a teacher who has impacted lives to be turned down because of a mistake. Considering John Muir High School has a bad reputation, he's one of the best teachers who cares about the students and actually shows that he wants to be there.

He remains a teacher at the school.

[Photo via KTLA]