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Motivational speaker/author Lizzie Velasquez is something of a tabloid fixture as a result of her rare condition that's similar to progeria (though her problems extend beyond that classification — she's blind in her right eye, for example). Her condition is so rare, she's believed to be one of three people in the world to have it. She's known for her hyperactive metabolism, and for being "the world's ugliest woman," as she was dubbed in a YouTube video that received millions of views.

In the clip above, from a TEDx Austin Women talk last month, she discusses discovering that video and its effect on her. While her message boils down to a garden-variety "make haters your motivators" platitude, she has clearly triumphed over the trolls. To hear her tell it, they're part of the reason she was standing on that stage: haters motivated Lizzie Velasquez to be a motivational speaker.

Her whole talk, in which she exhibits way more humor about herself and her life than could ever possibly be expected of her, is here: