This promotional video for a U.K. club night called "Bounce by the Ounce" was reviewed by Vice as the worst of all time (and can you imagine how many "shite" and "fucking atrocious" club promos have graced Vice's inbox over the years?) But they are incorrect. This video is actually the best, thanks to one man.

It can't be an accident that the gent with the bald head and the googly eyes, looking like Jeffrey Tambor on PCP, ended up as the poster frame for this video on YouTube. He singlehandedly provides every part-per-ounce of bounce in this hopelessly diluted rave cocktail.

Yes, you know his style. Now check his vibe.

"Bounce by the Ounce Two coming soon," the promoters threaten as the sun mercifully rises on this tragic menagerie of partiers, who are all wondering the same thing: Will Peepers McRavesalot turn up again, to make life in Preston, Lancashire, worth living for one more club night?

[H/T BuzzFeed]