"You may already be a winner!" exclaimed those ubiquitous, incessant solicitations, but you never won a cent.

That's because you never bothered to send those cards back to Publishers Clearing House.

Maybe the number assigned to you was the one pre-selected by PCH to take home the big bucks but you chucked it in the trash? Doesn't matter, the odds were still against you.

The chance of winning the PCH jackpot — $5,000 a week for life — is 1 in 1,750,000,000.

That's about the same chance a person has of winning the Poweball Grand Prize, but unlike the Powerball prize, waiting to witness a person winning the "Forever" Prize could span a lifetime.

That's why, when Michael Miller's number literally came up last week, many were understandably shocked.

Including his sister, who screamed "are you kidding me?" at the PCH agents who showed up outside the family's Moro, Illinois home on Thursday.

Miller, in addition to beating seemingly insurmountable odds to win a decent chunk of change for himself and his progeny, is also, at 26, the youngest person to win the prize.