The World Bank—friend to hippy-dippy liberal types, ally to socialists, bastion of political correctness, a cadre of Social Justice Warriors if ever there was one—estimates that 100 million people could be pushed into poverty by 2030 by, you guessed it, climate change.

Let us take a moment to appreciate that Ben Carson—who is running for president, who will be at the grownups’ table at the upcoming FOX Republican debate, who has steadily gained in the polls over the months of this ludicrous campaign—thinks that “climate change” refers to seasonal changes, and says it’s “irrelevant.”

Have some quotes!

“Is there climate change? Of course there’s climate change,” Carson replied. “Any point in time, temperatures are going up or temperatures are going down. Of course that’s happening. When that stops happening, that’s when we’re in big trouble.”


And later in his three-minute response, he said, “Just the way the Earth rotates on its axis, how far away it is from the sun. These are all very complex things. Gravity, where did it come from?”


Back to the report:

The report referred to studies showing climate change could result in global crop yield losses as large as 5 percent by 2030 and 30 percent by 2080. It also referenced studies showing warming temperatures could increase the number of people at risk for malaria by 150 million.

There’s a sliver of silver lining here: the report says improved access to health care, better social safety nets, and “targeted measures to upgrade flood defenses and deploy more heat-tolerant crops” could prevent this terrifying swell of people falling into poverty.

Or we could just wait for winter, duh!

[Associated Press]

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