Marc Schiller is the co-founder of Wooster Collective, a formative street-art web site launched with his wife Sara in 2003, and the CEO and founder of slick digital brand-strategy firm Bond Strategy and Influence. He is widely surmised to be a close friend of global art-phenomenon Banksy. And today, Schiller enjoyed a bunch of coke with some transvestites.

How do we know this? Because the father of two wanted me and you and everyone we know to hear about what may be the "craziest day of my life," an unexpected period that involved a train ride in the U.K., taxi-cab flatulence, taking an ecstasy pill, hoovering up a pile of cocaine, and bonding with a trio of colorful strangers. While this certainly makes for an entertaining anecdote—and since Schiller's become fairly active in the film community, we look forward to his Before Sunrise meets To Wong Foo version of this storyhis decision to blast this adventure breathlessly on social media is just, ah, well. You make the call:

Smart girls.

Any chance Mr. Schiller regrets this furious binge of oversharing? Not a chance.

What a day!

[@MarcDSchiller // Getty Images photo by Slaven Vlasic]

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