Vicky Torres and Juanita Alva parked themselves outside of a Beaumont, Ca. Best Buy last week so they can be the first in line for the store's Black Friday sale. They're likely sitting out there right now, in their folding chairs. "We're good to go," Torres told KABC.

This is all being done, apparently, in the pursuit of buying a 50-inch HD-TV for $199. (What a deal!) The two women take turns sleeping in line overnight. "The point is to get the sales, because everybody is on a fixed income and we don't have that kind of money to splurge," Alva's husband told KABC.

Apparently, this is not Torres and Alva's first sit-in. "They were here last year and the year before," Best Buy security guard Jose Luna told the Press-Enterprise. "I don't know what kind of deals they get, but it spices up my job. I've been keeping an eye on them since Nov. 5."

And because you can't not notice two people sitting outside a Best Buy all day and night, Torres and Alva say passersby have chatted with them. "They say you're dedicated. That's cool. Some say you're stupid," Torres told KABC.

Call these two whatever you want—you can't break their spirit. "It's fun," Alva said.

[Screengrab via KABC]