For the crime of allegedly snapping a selfie in front of the Brooklyn Bridge around the same time that a suicidal man was threatening to jump off it, one anonymous woman landed both herself and her selfie on the cover — the cover — of today's New York Post.

Currently the Post's top story by far, Selfie-gate (or is that Selfie-bridge?) may end up being a bigger story than "Bag Men":

With scores of onlookers watching the dramatic 10 a.m. rescue by cops, the crass camerawoman turned her back to the scene, angled her phone toward the bridge and snapped a shot.

The scarf-clad blonde even cracked a thin smile.

When approached by The Post afterward, she suddenly became camera-shy.

“I’d rather not,” she said when asked for her name. She then hustled out of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

In a follow up interview with the Daily Mail, Post photographer Paul Martinka said he couldn't remember "if she had an accent," but added, "She was a tourist, I'm sure of that."

As for the man on the bridge, he was eventually talked down by a police officer and taken to a hospital for evaluation. But who cares about that.

[H/T: Daily Intelligencer, cover scan via Newseum]