Her full, firm fanny has made her an Instagram sensation, with nearly two million followers to her name.

But despite being fully aware that her eye-popping assets are the main attraction, 20-year-old Manhattanite Jen Selter says she's still surprised by how many people are interested in her butt.

"I find it incredible how many followers I have gotten from my posts and it keeps getting bigger," she tells Barcroft Media in a rare on-camera sit-down.

Selter insists her Instagram is less about ass and more about fitn-ass, telling the Post earlier this month her goal is to motivate and inspire others to join a gym.

Which is somewhat ironic, considering she herself can no longer frequent public gyms "because it is a whole big scene when I'm there."

Selter, a woman with dozens of Instagram photos of nothing but herself in butt-hugging leggings, tells the Post, "I don't like being watched."

She may change her tune now that her online popularity has allowed her to quit her full-time job and focus full-time on giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

And just like Kim, Selter is also planning on expanding her frivolous fame until the butt bubble inevitably bursts.

"It's a pretty wild adventure, and I am really enjoying it," she told Barcroft, "but soon I would really like to spread my brand around the world as far as possible."

[H/T: BroBible, video via Barcroft TV]