Parrots seem like good enough birds, in the scheme of all the other birds. Colorful and fun and they can mimic human voices—what's not to love? That being said, parrots are birds and not people—they will not help you drive your car—so if you're the kind of person who brings your parrot on car rides without keeping your eyes on the road, you're probably going to crash and it won't be the bird's fault.

A woman driving in Uniontown, PA on Tuesday was apparently going for a little drive with her parrot (unnamed), a bird who happens to also love coffee. As she drove, she noticed the bird had begun pecking at her coffee cup to get a little caffeine buzz, and that's when things went south. The driver crashed right into a guard rail, the AP reports:

The woman told police that the bird likes to drink coffee — and they also found bird seed in a cup holder next to the coffee and a few feathers nearby.

Police say the woman broke her arm and had facial cuts because her air bag deployed.

The parrot wasn't harmed.

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