Danielle Bruckman doesn't know what happened to her iPhone.

All she knows is that it disappeared last New Year's Eve and that the guy who has it now has a pretty fanstatic mustache.

She knows he has a pretty fantastic mustache because the guy who has her phone now never turned off the cloud sync, so all of his selfies show up in her photo stream.

Once Danielle realized what was going on, she realized there was really only one thing she could do: Recreate his selfies herself.

An thus My Cloud Pal was born.

Calling it "one woman's journey, through another man's selfies," Danielle's Tumblr project has become a kinda-creepy way for her to connect with a man she doesn't actually know, but also kinda does.

"He somehow grew on me and I actually enjoy getting his updates and see it as a window to peer into his daily life," she told BuzzFeed. "In a way, it's a selfie diary of sorts and now I can paint a more full picture of this man's life."

Danielle is now asking other people to send her photos of their Cloud Pals. "Who knows," she says, "I may just re-enact them too."

[screengrabs via My Cloud Pal]