Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. So goes the old axiom, apparently taken to heart by Melissa Jacobson—a woman whose current occupation is unknown, but who evidently aspires to the title of “lady who poops and pees inside cardboard boxes at Kmart.”

Jacobson was arrested in Racine, Wisconsin, this week after allegedly pooping and peeing inside a cardboard box at Kmart, wiping with paper towels, and calmly approaching the customer service desk and making a return—all while proudly advertising her intention to do so on her shirt. The criminal complaint against Jacobson, obtained by The Smoking Gun, reads in part:

“LPO Volkes reported that he entered aisle #1 to report for his shift and detected a ‘funky’ odor, so he looked down and observed a box containing...both urination and defecation...Upon arrival, Officer Lewis reports that he observed Jacobson’s shirt, which had a picture of a dump truck on it, as well as the phrase, ‘Dropping a Load.’”

“Public bathrooms...were located approximately 50 feet from the customer service desk,” the complaint continues. “LPO Volkes reported that Jacobson shops at Kmart frequently, so she should know where the public restrooms are located.” According to another employee, the pooper did not appear to be drunk or under the influence of drugs, “nor did she appear to be in distress.”

Jacobson is currently out on bond, the conditions of which stipulate “no contact with victim store, Kmart.”

[h/t Death and Taxes, Image via CafePress]