Police in Michigan say a woman who was arrested last week for assaulting her live-in boyfriend happened to be wearing an "abusive wife" costume at the time.

Cristina Crespo, 26, and her unnamed boyfriend were participating in a Halloween pub crawl across Clawson last Saturday when they stopped by Mojave Cantina around 9 PM.

An officer spotted a very inebriated Crespo lying on the sidewalk, but she managed to get up with the help of a friend who carried her inside the cantina.

The officer followed Crespo inside and found her "sitting outside behind the cantina," according to Clawson Police Lt. Scott Sarvello.

"She said they were there for a pub crawl and she was dressed up as an abusive wife," Sarvello told the Daily Tribune.

The officer then tracked down Crespo's boyfriend, who was dressed up as an "abused husband."

The boyfriend confirmed to the officer that the couple had a designated driver, and he agreed to collect their things and leave.

As the officer exited the cantina, he heard shouting around the corner and went to investigate the source.

He found Crespo "screaming and repeatedly hitting the boyfriend with her purse" and tried to intervene, but Crespo "continued to be loud and belligerent and was detained."

Crespo was booked on a charge of domestic violence but released a short time later after posting 10 percent of her $5,000 bond.

She is due back in court on November 6th and is prohibited from consuming alcohol or contacting her boyfriend.

"It’s ironic that she went out dressed up as an abuser and that’s what she ended up as," said Sarvello.

As one Macomb Today reader notes, that's actually the exact opposite of irony.

[H/T: Fark, mug shot via Clawson police, photo via Mojave Cantina]