Police say that a woman was so desperate to get out of a traffic stop that she called in a fake report of a gunman at a convenience store across the street in the hopes that the police officer who pulled her over would rush to the "scene".

Savana Jimenez, 22, was a passenger in her friend's car when a police officer pulled the vehicle over for a busted taillight.

Jimenez waited until the officer got into his police cruiser to check the driver's information, then called 911 to report a fake sighting of a gunman at a convenience store near the traffic stop.

Dispatcher: "Where's your emergency?"

Suspect: "Yes ma'am, I just saw a guy walk out with a gun at Allsups."

Dispatcher: "Ok. He went into the store and he was carrying a gun?"

Suspect: "Yeah, he looked like he had one on the side and he was about to go in."

Dispatcher: "Ok. So you never actually saw the gun you just think he had one?"

Suspect: "Bye."

Dispatcher: "Hello?"

According to Morales, the officers at the scene thought that Jimenez and her friends were acting shifty.

"The officer noticed that these three females in the vehicle were fidgety, acting kind of nervous and he saw one of them with a cellphone on her lap," Roswell police spokeswoman Sabrina Morales told KRQE.

So police asked the 911 operator to trace the call back.

"[Jimenez's] phone lit up like it was ringing," said Morales. "She tried to hide it to conceal the phone."

And why did she do it?

According to the AP, "Jimenez told police she thought she had warrants out for her arrest, but officials say she didn't."

Now, of course, she does: she was arrested and charged with obstruction after police quickly figured out her ruse.

[image via Shutterstock]