The final day of the Electric Zoo was canceled yesterday after two deaths and multiple hospitalizations from bad Molly. But all Molly is bad Molly if you take six hits of it.

Gothamist reports that University of New Hampshire junior Olivia Rotondo, 20, told EMS workers that she took six hits of the party drug before collapsing, having a seizure, and then dying. “I just took six hits of Molly,’’ she reportedly told the EMS worker.

Rotondo had tweeted hours before, "The amount of traveling I’ve done today is unreal. Just get me to the damn zoo.”

"She was the nicest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing,” Noah Burkholz, a friend who traveled to the concert with her told the Times.

Over the weekend, four people were hospitalized for overdoses, and one woman was sexually assaulted. Another overdose death, Jeffry Russ, 20, had no contact with Rotondo during the festival and investigators believe they took a different set of drugs. Concertgoers had complained of harmful pills circulating during the festival, which will refund concertgoers for the canceled day.