A Texas woman wasn't satisfied with merely fighting off a man who'd just carjacked her and two of her young children at knife point; she also ran the man over, so “he didn't hurt anyone else,” she said.

On Friday, Baytown, Texas resident Dorothy Baker-Flugence drove two of her six children to a CVS. When they returned from the store to their minivan, which had been left unlocked, they, according to police, found suspect Ismael Martinez inside, holding a knife. “He had a knife on my son,” Baker-Flugence's husband, Charles, told KRTK. Martinez reportedly demanded that Baker-Flugence drive him to a nearby ATM.

Baker-Flugence immediately fought back, successfully grabbing hold of the knife – cutting herself across the chest and getting bit on the hand in the process – before calling 911, all while still driving. In an attempt to confuse Martinez, she intentionally drove off the road and back onto it. Then she spotted a telephone pole and sped towards it.

"I thought, 'If you swerve and hit the pole, he's not wearing a seatbelt, he'll go through the windshield or at least hit his head, and you can stop him. You can do something to make sure that he doesn't hurt your kids,'" Dorothy Baker-Flugence said. "That's all I was thinking of really, was just to get him away from my kids."

After hitting the pole, she punched Martinez in the face, causing him to flee from the van.

As he ran away, Baker-Flugence put the car in drive and gunned it, running over Martinez in the process.

"I didn't mean to run him over," she said. "I was just trying to stop him so he didn't hurt anybody else."

Martinez was taken to a local hospital where he's being treated for serious injuries. Once discharged, he's expected to face felony charges.

Baker-Flugence suffered minor injuries and her kids were unharmed. "You don't come after people with kids," she said. "I told [Martinez] he messed with the wrong witch."

[via ABC News/Image via KTRK]

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