A woman tried to sue her lawyers for negligence because they failed to warn her that finalizing her divorce proceedings would end her marriage.

British courts rejected the lawsuit, but a transcript from the suit was read during the claimant's recent appeal of the dismissal. According to the woman, her lawyers should have considered her Roman Catholic faith and suggested judicial separation, which is one step below divorce. Instead, the woman ended up divorced and filed suit.

From Lord Justice Briggs ruling, via the Independent:

"The most striking of Mrs Mulcahy's many allegations of negligence against her solicitors was that, having regard to her Roman Catholic faith, Mrs Boots had failed to give her the advice which was requisite in view of her firmly held belief in the sanctity of marriage...either in terms of the alternative of judicial separation, or about the impossibility of pursuing divorce proceedings to a clean break settlement, without thereby inevitably bringing about the final termination of her marriage, which she wished to avoid."

Mulcahy's appeal was also dismissed. No word if she's reconciled with her husband.

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