An ABC reporter thought he was driving out to Siesta Key, Florida to cover a story about rental fraud. But when he confronted a woman at the property, the story's focus quickly shifted to grand theft auto.

WWSB ABC reporter Josh Taylor was working on a story where a woman had claimed she was defrauded when she arranged to rent a property for a family reunion that had been advertised as an 11-bedroom home.

That "11-bedroom" home, it turned out, had code violations and only five bedrooms.

But when she asked for her money back, the property owners refused. So she contacted the local news.

When Taylor caught wind of the story, he drove out to the property and set up a tripod in the middle of a public roadway, prompting a woman to run out from the house and grab his camera.

The woman then demanded he leave. When he refused, she did the only logical thing — she got into his car and drove away.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office says the woman's name is Jean Price. A neighbor tells ABC 7 that she works for the man who owns the home, a local chiropractor, Dr. Craig Siegal. We don't know if that's true.

Price is being charged with grand theft auto.