The Central Texas woman who was unconstitutionally interrupted by a lawmaker while delivering testimony at Monday's State Senate hearing on the newly revived abortion bill, and then dragged away from the podium by four DPS Troopers, finally got to finish talking.

Sarah Slamen was a guest on last night's Last Word, where host Lawrence O'Donnell gave her plenty of airtime to say everything she was going to say to the Texas legislature before the government of the people and by the people abruptly forgot who it works for.

What I would say to all the Republicans on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, is that I understand why you're so careless with our health care. You see, all of your constituency lies east of I-35, where the five clinics remaining after that bill gets passed, will be. None of your constituents are west of I-35, so I guess the lives and their families just don't matter to you.

Slamen went on to say that, "as a white woman from a middle class background" she was privileged to be able to attend the hearings, even if senators clearly didn't care for what she had to say.

Meanwhile, many single mothers working "two and three jobs" and who live in rural areas can't afford to make the trek to Austin to "stand up for their rights."

Whether or not those women showed up to the hearings would probably end up mattering very little in the end: The Texas House today approved its version of the abortion bill, and the Senate will likely pass its version tomorrow.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, Republicans passed their own abortion restrictions by hiding them in a bill aimed at motorcycle safety.

So, you know, it could always be worse.

[H/T: Austinist, screengrab via MSNBC]