She drives a truck, he rides a Rascal-style scooter. She loves screaming the word "fuck," he loves yelling "cunt." According to a neighbor, who posted this video, he's "a sad man" and she's "a crazy mad woman." And it all came to a head yesterday when she knocked him down and backed over his scooter.

The Huntington Beach, Ca., couple fought regularly, but "today was just extra terrible," wrote the neighbor on Reddit, "She's normally kicking her car, screaming, throwing stuff on a daily basis. Her running him over was a first though."

The neighbor called the police and said the woman had been arrested. An entry in the Huntington PD arrest log seems to confirm that story, listing a 59-year-old woman arrested yesterday for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Inflicting Corporal Injury on a Spouse/Cohabitant.

The witness has since shown the video to the landlord, who can consider starting the month-long eviction process—a happy ending for the other neighbors in the complex, but no less depressing.

[h/t Reddit]