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A woman who pulled a gun on three teenagers in a suburban St. Louis park last Wednesday claimed it was just for self-defense, but said she would have used the weapon if she had to. The incident was the climax of a neighborhood dispute that had been building since earlier that day, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Hours before Tracy Leeser went to Fleet Park in St. Charles with a gun, her husband Don allegedly broke up a fight between two girls outside the Leeser home. The girls were friends of the boys in the video, Tyrelle Ware, 15, his brother Terrence Ware, 18, and Jack Herren.

The Leesers say the boys got angry that Don got involved in the fight. Don Leeser admits he pulled a knife on Terrence Ware and chased him with it, thinking he saw Ware reaching for something in his pocket. Ware says his hands were visible the whole time, and he didn’t have a weapon.

Later that night, Don Leeser told the Post-Dispatch, he got a text from his son saying a group of teens was about to attack him at the park. So the Leesers did the reasonable thing—they grabbed their guns and a baseball bat and went to the park to confront the boys. That’s the standoff you see in the video above, where Tracy Leeser points a gun at the three teens.

“You’re twisted in the head, you dumbass bitch,” one of the teens says, “You are in the wrong, lady. You are here with a gun for 17-year-olds.”

Leeser admitted to the Post-Dispatch that the gun was “my only safeguard against being killed that night” and she would have used it in a “worst-case scenario.”

Police broke up the standoff before it escalated further, but the Leesers’ beef with the teen boys hasn’t died. Someone fired a BB gun at their front window over the weekend, and they think it was the Wares or Herren. The boys say they didn’t do it.

If the police don’t do something about the heinous teens who maybe intimidated the Leesers’ son and maybe fired BBs through their window, the family that definitely pointed a gun at three kids in a park says they’ll take matters into their own hands.

“I will do what I have to do to protect my family,” Don Leeser said. “I will let the law try to do their job first, but I’m not going to let my wife and kids get hurt.”

Thank God we have good people bearing arms to keep these situations from spiraling out of control.

[h/t Raw Story, Video: Tyrell Ware/Facebook]