A Massachusetts woman has been charged with assault after yanking the false teeth out of a bartender’s mouth and then throwing a beer bottle at her.

According to the Telegram & Gazette, Caterina Froio-Chaput went to the American Legion on Wednesday night on suspicion that the bartender there, Susan Carlson, was sleeping with her estranged husband. She was refused a drink and when asked to leave:

Ms. Froio-Chaput allegedly started hitting the bartender in the face and pulled the false teeth out of the bartender’s mouth. After the bartender escaped behind the bar, Ms. Froio-Chaput allegedly picked up a beer bottle from the counter and threw it at her, striking her in the chest, according to the police report.

When police showed up, Froio-Chaput told officers that she did not have the bartender’s teeth—a very bold bluff. Officers asked to check her belongings, and so obviously “Froio-Chaput ripped off her vest and threw it to the floor. Another officer picked up the vest and found the false teeth in the woman’s right front pocket, according to the police report.“

It seemed like jig was up, but Froio-Chaput had one more ace up her sleeve. According to the police report, she told officers: "No, I don’t have fake teeth. They must belong to that bitch and she must have planted them in my pocket." Bulletproof.

Froio-Chaput is now facing charges of assault and battery, and assault and battery with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon was the beer bottle. Froio-Chaput claims she merely knocked over the bottle while defending herself.

In a follow-up interview with the Boston Herald, Froio-Chaput said, “I don’t condone what happened. I feel very badly about it,” but claimed that she acted in the best interest of her family. “I’m a lover, not a fighter,” she said.

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