A 24-year-old Texas woman pleaded guilty this week to producing and starring in gruesome “animal crush” porn videos that showed her torturing and killing animals, including cats and dogs.

Ashley Richards was convicted Tuesday after she admitted to producing eight of the films between 2010 and 2012. She had been in state custody for three years, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The Chronicle also explicitly spells out the contents of the videos; WARNING: the description below is absolutely stomach-turning:

In the films, a scantily clad Richards, sometimes masked, can be seen stabbing animals – including a puppy, a kitten and a chicken – as well as chopping off their limbs and urinating on them while making sexual comments to the camera. In one of the videos seized by authorities, Richards punctured a cat’s eye with a shoe heel.

Richards is the first person to be prosecuted under the Animal Crush Video Prohibition act, a federal law that outlaws porn showing animal death or torture. She faces up to 7 years in prison.

Richards’ sentence could be reduced, however, if she testifies about a sex trafficking operation. Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for December.

There are a number of contentious issues in American and politics and government, with both sides advocating valid, defensible arguments, but I think we can all put aside our differences for a moment to agree: fuck all of this.

[h/t Daily Dot, Photo: Houston PD]