A woman claims she was assaulted after she discovered her husband and his girlfriend "naked, smoking pot, drinking liquor and having anal sex," apparently at the same time.

According to what she told police, Pamela Lynn Turney walked into her husband Christopher's Spartanbug, South Carolina home on Saturday. She called out his name—"Chris"— and heard... something from his bedroom. She went to investigate, and found her husband in bed with a woman named Vickie Lynn Morgan.

The two were "naked, smoking pot, drinking liquor and having sex," according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office report.

Upon being discovered mid-anal sex, Morgan allegedly "jumped from the bed and attacked [Turney]." Turney says she was knocked to the ground three times before she was able to escape. She called police the next day, by which point she had a black eye and bruising on her face.

While the alleged assault is still under investigation, it wouldn't the first time Morgan has been in trouble for violence; last February, she was reportedly arrested for assault and battery.

[Image of Vickie Lynn Morgan via The Smoking Gun]